Food Clips Bag Sealing Clips Injection Molding


TX MOLD is a mold manufacturer in Shenzhen China, we provide Food Clips Bag Sealing Clips Injection Molding, product design, mold design, mold manufacture, injection molding, and assembly one-stop service. We only produce plastic injected parts but export molds to customers all over the world, the capacity is 40 molds per month.

our customers came from all over the world, especially the USA or Europe, some customers need the mold shipped to their country after finishing, we will design and manufacture the mold exactly as they expect. we usually use two standards, DME or Hasco. We also choose the LKM standard if the customer is not sensitive, LKM still is the best mold base supplier in China and has a good reputation in the mold industry.


Founded in 1998, TX MOLD Co LTD is one plastic molding company specializing in manufacturing plastic molds and plastic molding parts. our company also supply all kinds of assembly for products. Furthermore, we have developed many plastic Industrial parts. Europe-type plastic Household, Injection molded accessories for gardening, outdoor and other plastic products due to market requirements.

Our products are exported to Europe, America, South Asia, and the Middle East. We can design the plastic molding parts’ appearance and the structure of the products and provide a completed plastic molding solution base on CAD/CAM/CAE system, advanced equipment, and scientific network system.

The mold design and manufacture are combined together to ensure the high quality of plastic molds. We keep good communications with our customers to let them know our progress. We have a CNC machining center with advanced equipment, such as wire erase and EDM machines to ensure high efficiency in mold production. We are proud of our advanced equipment, strict quality management, reasonable price, and considerate service.
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