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The skills, advanced equipment, and various services we offer can bolster your medical, Electronics, and Aerospace device production or distribution performance.

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Whether you require part production or prototyping of medical devices, we can find a solution that fits your budget and with a low MOQ and rates.

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TX MOLD’s mature supply chain and ISO-certified factory ensure all medical device deliverables are completed on schedule.

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Expect a hassle-free process in turning your medical device concepts into an actual product that can be sent to market within a short time.

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With a collection of more than 25 years of experience, our engineers can address all requirements for medical device products and components.

Industrial Components

TX MOLD has been providing rapid injection molding services for over 20 years to industrial component manufacturers representing a huge range of applications.


What Is Industrial Design Prototyping?

As the pace of product design for industry increases, designers are pushing ahead with the bridge between concept and production in the fastest time possible. Industrial design prototyping is the first step in putting ideas and concepts in product design into practice, exploring solutions for product design manufacturability by moving designs into production-ready prototypes. Product design prototyping involves applications such as proof of concept, visual presentation, functional testing, engineering and production validation, and accurately communicates design intent, functional usability, material feasibility, and the working mechanism and performance of the product to manufacturers and product engineers.

What Is Industrial Design Prototyping
Why Prototyping Is Essential To Good Product Design

Why Prototyping Is Essential To Good Product Design?

Good product design should always focus on the end user first and foremost to ensure that they get the best experience with the product. Prototype design could be anything from a simple part file to models of complex assembled parts. There is nothing that brings you closer to the functionality of the final product faster than prototyping.
Based on this, seasoned designers always transition between concept design, CAD modeling, and prototyping to validate their ideas. This back and forth conversation between design and prototype creates an iterative process in which each tool reveals new opportunities and problems to explore and further refine.
For industrial designers, product design prototyping is always a crucial step within the creative process to help you better understand the user experience. This works both externally – presenting to clients and stakeholders – and internally – in collaborating more deeply with your team, or rallying them to support a new idea.

Get Help From Prototyping Experts For Your Industrial Design

During the product design process, it’s a good idea to seek professional help from a company with proven experience in prototyping and manufacturing. Work with prototype technology experts to find solutions for complex processes such as machining, molding, finishing and surface treatment, test and evaluate the viability of designs, identify potential problems and make improvements.
TX MOLD is a leading rapid manufacturer specializing in rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing of plastic and metal parts, providing a one-stop shop from prototype to production. We have the capability and expertise to meet all your stringent design needs, helping you test, evaluate and improve to prove and refine your product design.

Get Help From Prototyping Experts For Your Industrial Design

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